Duties of Employers in Manitoba

As an employer in Manitoba, you have a legal duty to ensure you maintain a safe workplace for your workers and contribute to safe workplaces across the province. In accordance with Manitoba’s Workplace Safety and Health Act (WSA) you have certain responsibilities as an employer that must be fulfilled to remain compliant with this legislation and its associated regulations.

Fines for noncompliance

Failure to comply with the WSA could result in fines that could harm your business. Maximum fines can reach upwards of $1,000,000 (for a second or subsequent offence) and an additional $100,000 each day that the safety & health violation is not rectified. Also, if you are found responsible for criminal negligence, which leads to a serious workplace injury, illness or fatality, you may be charged under the Criminal Code of Canada.

Fines like these can devastate a business and completely derail its potential for success. We understand that running a business is no simple task. But with the right help, you can take some of the work off your plate and ensure your business is compliant with safety & health legislation—protecting you from costly fines.

What are your responsibilities as an employer? 

In Manitoba, Workplace Safety and Health legislation is based on the idea that everyone in the workplace shares a responsibility for safety and health. For instance, workers and managers are expected to assist in controlling hazards and take all precautions to ensure their safety. Also, according to the Workplace Safety and Health Act everyone in the workforce has certain responsibilities to due diligence. The Act instructs you to “take every precaution reasonable in the circumstances to avoid a work-related injury or illness”. But, at the end of the day employers have the largest amount of responsibility to safety and health in the workplace.

As an employer in Manitoba, you’re expected to: 

  • Provide and properly maintain a workplace that features safe equipment, systems and tools which do not pose a health risk. You must also provide info, training, and instruction on the purpose of each and how to use them safely.
  • Ensure all employees (e.g. workers, supervisors, foreman, charge hands, etc.) are familiar with safety or health hazards they may encounter.
  • Consult and cooperate with the workplace safety and health committee (if either is in place) about the duties and matters they are responsible for in accordance with the WSA.
  • Co-operate with individuals exercising a duty imposed by this Act.
  • Make sure that those not in your service or non-employees (e.g. nearby businesses) are not exposed to health risks by being associated with or in proximity to your business.

Supervisor expectations

Selecting the right supervisor is essential. These individuals ensure that the safety and health guidelines you set are abided by. Specifically, they ensure the safety of their work areas, tools, equipment, and machinery.

Your supervisors should: 

  • Display competency due to knowledge, training or experience – ensuring work is performed safely.
  • Be familiar with the WSA and its relevant associated regulations for the work performed in your workplace.

These individuals ensure that the safety and health guidelines you set are abided by. Therefore, selecting the right person for the job is critical.

Need help understanding your duties as an employer? 

As an employer in Manitoba, you must be on top of your responsibilities for safety and health in your workplace. Health & Safety Help is here to ensure that you are on top of everything that is expected of you regarding safety and health. Call today at  1 (204) 201-1614